Job for MTB Instructors

From my Inbox:

Hi, my name is Ron Fritz and I am an assistant director with Camp Tanuga. We are a residential summer camp and retreat located in Northern, Michigan.

We are looking for one or two students who have an interest in helping to run our Mountain Biking Program.

Each summer we introduce and teach MTN Biking skills to boys and girls ages 6-15. We are looking for someone who is interested in sharing their passion for MTN Biking with these kids.

The job does not require expertise, only experience and interest. This is a great opportunity for someone to improve their knowledge, understanding and skills by sharing it with others.

If you or anyone on your team would like to learn more, please contact me directly or (248) 543-6181

or check us out and apply online

Thank you for your time. I hope I can provide a fun summer job for members of your team.

Ron Fritz
Assistant Director, Camp Tanuga
139 W. Maple Rd. Suite E
Birmingham, MI 48009
(248) 543-6181

Hey everyone,

I’ve send email to the coordinator for this activity at the camp (Ron) and they seem very open to canadian and vegetarian people. I am thinking of maybe going over there for the summer, so was wondering if anyone else might of been into it.