King of the mountain

I was wondering if someone has information about KOM “race” this summer?
I know that last year it begun quite early in the season, but I didn’t see anything about them this year.


So, anyone have informations? It was on Thursday morning…

Hey Martin,

The KOM rides are a fall tradition for the MCT. They will resume as usual in September. In the mean time, keep an eye out for other rides that you can take part in.

any member is allowed to post rides, btw
so if you want to do KOM, why not post it? It will be “Unofficial” but still fun

I was thinking along those lines brandon… Possibly first (unofficial) KOM of the year on the morning of wednesday, april 6th. This will give the racers among us enough time to rest and recover for YALE.

Only if it isn’t rainy and below zero. I had enough of those mornings last fall.

It’s giving good weather for that morning at the moment…

Rainy and cold is the best way to celebrate the Belgian classics