KMI warehouse sale

Kempter Marketing, one of the Quebec bike and parts distributor will be having their annual warehouse sale on Nov. 17 and 18th. For those of you interested in gearing up, you can often find good deals on equipment there.

What are my odds of finding decent cheap mtb shoes if I go on saturday?

It depends on your shoe size. If I remember correctly, the bulk (demo shoe size) is 43.


they only have campy stuff for cassettes and chains, and the stuff that is left over tends to be either really high end or sold as a full gruppo, if i remember correctly.

jason bought a centor group for $600 2 years ago.

As for mtn biking shoes, they have a wide range of sizes. 2 years ago they were selling Lake shoes for $20. Bought a pair.

They are great for campy wheels. I bought some Eurus for $700. They also have Shamal and Zondas.

i will NOT be going this year because every time i do go, i end spending over a grand…

The deals on campy groups and wheels has been pretty sick every time I’ve gone. If you need/want a campy groupset this is time/place.

Last year was disappointing for stuff other than groups/wheels and look frames though.

I really shouldn’t go because I always spend a fortune, but almost all of my clothing is shot to shit and I need new bibs, ug.

Buy bibs from us, we are ordering the higher quality version from last year. Shop tab above.


I will of course, but I don’t need 4 McGill cycling bibs =P

yes jason, you DO need 4 mcgill cycling bibs!

And I’m kind of in the same boat as nammerlaan and Jason, every time I go I spend way too much. First year I went, I bought a downhill bike (which is for sale now!) and second year i went I also bought a centaur gruppo. I don’t regret either of the purchases, but I’m not sure im in a financial place to do that this year.

hey Ben are you ignoring my Fb post?

hey totally forgot about it. I’m available. call me?

So who went? What’d you get?