KMI warehouse sale

Hey, same as last year, KMI’s yearly warehouse sale. Great prices on Look, nalini, limar, schwalbe… Commencal, sram, …

Happening November 21-23.

what stuff do they sell? parts? apparel? gear? …and how are people getting? cause it sounds nice but really far…

btw, the time is off by an hour

any roadie stuff there or only mtb?

Both, look at the flyer for brands, or go to

They have look, nalini, lake (rd and mtn), hutchinson, schwalbe, vdo,…

I didn’t go last year, but a few people went and found good prices (~wholesale)

I just signed up for “I wanna go Friday,” but I’m not sure where people are meeting or when. That could change things since I’ve got class until 10:30.

so at what time would this be? cause friday i got class on friday morning and my weekend mornings are taken (by the gf)…haha

I’ll need to check my work schedule to confirm, but i’d go as early as possible (probably noon) on friday because the best deals probably won’t last long.

Unless i get a better offer, i’ll probably bike down on my commuter (yes, it’s ~20km). Don’t know what i’ll do if i find something big to bring back though :S

I’m all for getting there at 12 and I have class at 2:30 pm.

I wanna come too - i don’t know when yet though.

i might organize a car for friday 12 noon

I would like to go friday afternoon, not sure yet though

What is this thing like? Did any of you go last year? What kind of discount is wholesale?

usually anywhere between 30-50% off.

I’ll probably have to go on saturday instead, i’ve got a postponed midterm on friday the 21st at 1:30…

any word on when the OGC sale is? This KMI sale is completely seperate, right?

They’re entirely separate, and last year at least ogc’s trumped them all. No news from it yet though.

so any chance on that car nick?

Still no word on a car? I guess I’ll try and figure out how to get there by train with my bike and a big bag in case I buy something.

So are these prices going to be below retailer cost prices?

I don’t think they’re gonna be LOSING money on this stuff, but they wont’ be making very much.

BTW, I’m just gonna take the metro there. Metro stop Outremont, on the blue line, is really close. I don’t even think I will take my bike, doesn’t look like I need to. Check it out on google maps.

I’ll try to be there for 11:30 or so to get the best deals. Oh yeah!