Knee Injuries

I’d been talking to some people about hearing an ACL pop on a skiier one time. I then saw a video on youtube of a much more horrendous crash. I felt so queasy that I had to share it as a warning about going too fast at anything, and that even professionals get destroyed.

On scale of 1 - 10 for “I can’t watch this” I’d call the real time a 6 and the slow motion an 8.5

Upon further research it appears it required amputation. Poor Guy. I counted 5 rotations of his leg.

I am SO disturbed right now. Wow. wow…

Without looking at the link… i think i know what video your talking about. its pretty bad.

from personal experience… when I tore my ACL while playing soccer, during a sprint when doing a “crossover-type” change of direction, I can say for sure I felt a big pop to the point where I am almost convinced I also heard it.

If i remember the video correctly… the skiiers leg and ski looked like a helicopter blade spinning around.

yeah, I’m definitely not going to watch that. sounds disgusting. I bet the skier had his DINs set at about 12.

I watched it.

Super G skiing isn’t for everyone and I think that its best described by the people who made the edge documentary. Where they say it requires a special breed of athletes, It’s a sport that is unforgiving compared to others.

Though on the bright side it doesn’t always turn out that bad and I think the best example is

Bode Miller - edit: the bode miller video has a near crash but excellent recovery nothing that makes your stomach turn or anything.

speaking of skiing and I don’t want to get off topic but I love what some people can do when pushing the limits to extreme sports ( )

Love that vid.

Thats pretty damn shitty…on the cannot watch scale it’s pretty low though compared to blast/frag injuries, industrial accidents, etc.

I still think one of the most painful things to watch was that poor girl bleed out after taking a rifle round to the chest during the protests in Iran, it wasn’t especially gorey, just all around horrid.