KOM #5 - April fool's edition

Same as usual: 6:30am bottom of the Houde.

We will actually be starting at 4:30 (Lights Mandatory this time!) to allow for 7 laps of the circuit before lunchtime. Hope to see you there!

I think the 4:30am April 1st KOM is one of the MCT’s oldest, and most important, traditions. This is a great opportunity, particularly for the newer members, to bond with the rest of the team. Often, we have as many as 20-30 MCT alumni who make it out including a number of current and formers continental pros.

As with last year, we’ll be meeting for hot chocolate/coffee/espresso and some pastries at benalux by 7:30am (bring a bit of change or a $5 bill). This should give us enough time to chat with alumni, hang out etc. before class.

ps. For lamer lazy late risers who can’t make the ride, be sure to at least come to the coffee/breakfast. We are usually there until at least 9:00am.


I don’t understand…Is this some kind of joke?

No man, tradition. Don’t you remember last year’s?

this is my favorite ride of the year!! i heard patrick cafferty is flying in

So you mean to tell me that there is a ride at 4:30 AM tomorrow morning?

I will join you for the old man KOM at 6:30.

Just for the record, I’m not dead. I sat the last climb out. I’ll just blame it on the cold weather hehe (I feel bad about missing the traditional breakfast at Benelux though)

Lots of big fish on the mountain today!

Benelux breakfast, mmmm, deep fried beer pancakes, nothing better.

It’s too bad I didn’t show this morning I would have beat you all with my super new light weight bike:


No one showed up at 4:30, what a shame.
Cold, cold ride compared to the weather this afternoon.

“faits saillants”:
Houde: NicA pushing the rhythm after a typical/predictable Hons’ attack. MatBR calculating his attack to get the lead by the line
Ridgweood: sprint started far from the line by JonVK. MatBR and NicA in his wheel. BR just passed Jon to get the climb
Rampe: Nic A massive acceleration on the start line gave him a big gap, which melted on the 2nd part of the climb as MatBR and Bernard reeling him in.
Observatoire: this time, no fooling around for NicA. 1 long sprint to the finish line. MatBR 2nd, JonVK and Bernard came in very close.
Wall: ice had melted, Hons’ attacked in the very first meters and got caught only by the gates. MatBr managed to get away on the hardest slopes and for 2nd place, it was the closest finish one had ever seen on the wall. A 4-man group all within 10 seconds!

once again, KOM was earlissimo, brutal, “breathtaking”… epic

Too bad I just found out about this ride now…

@Victoria: I totally would have flown in. :wink: