Kom #8. the end!

6:45 base of the Houde, Thursday.

Now or never.

My challenge for every KOM is to wake up on time. If I do, I’ll be there for sure. Added motivation for coming is bumping Unclaimed Points off the top 5.

Expect some frost!

Beginner crew, don’t make it too easy for me…

Its on like donkey kong.

It’s supposed to be 0° C… Dress warm!

You beginners better show up!!

I’ll be there. In winter wear.

What I remember of the Intermediate Results:


  1. Ruth
  2. Andrew
  3. Ken (Squirrelbait2000)
  4. Neal (Weiss19)


  1. Ruth
  2. Andrew
  3. Valina
  4. Neal
  5. Ken?


  1. Andrew
  2. Neal
  3. Ruth
  4. Valina


  1. Ruth
    2./3. Valina/Andrew
  2. Neal
  3. Jessica


  1. Neal
  2. Ruth
  3. Andrew
  4. Jessica


  1. Andrew
  2. Neal

Thank you all for coming out and helping us all stay in shape later into the year.

Winning KOM is as much about regular attendance as it is about fitness. This year though our advanced winner combined both: missing only two of the eight KOMs, our winner demolished the rest of the field when he showed up. And so for the second year in a row, the McGill King of the Mountain is ChillyWilly.

On a more depressing note, we just barely missed pushing Mr. Unclaimed Points out of the top 5. At least he didn’t podium.

Full results are available here. Intermediate is being updated now.

I’m sorry, intermediate results are a bit of a mess. I promise next year we’ll do better.

Hey Ruth,

Thanks for the ride.

I was 4 (Forgot to mention on Houde),4,2,4,1,2

I know Andrew was 1st in the cemetery.

I’m also already listed as Neil in the intermediate even though it’s Neal… Anyways… Thanks again!

But see Eric, if you gave me that point on the goat path, we would all be tied for 4th place, thus forcing Unclaimed Points to at least share his position with 2 riders.

On a side note, it took me about 10 minutes in the shower to feel my toes and fingers again…

I’m sorry Jocelyn, if you don’t start from the bottom, you didn’t do the climb. Though I seem to remember a certain short little fellow who got some points on the houde earlier in the year after starting halfway up… Ok, we’ll make Unclaimed share.

Exciting news: I had my ranges wrong in the formula and I wasn’t including the last three climbs. Unclaimed is 7th!

Then I’m satisfied with my 0 points on goat path. Victory is ours.

Take that unclaimed points!

Amazing ride today. Must say it was a thrill. Good seeing so many people out today especially on such a cold day. Must say descending the houde froze my fingers off thats why this post is so late. I had the hardest time in the world taking my shoes of with no feeling in my fingers new PB of 10ish minutes.

The spirit was willing, but the flesh was asleep.