KOM #8 -- The Final Showdown

Hey Hey Everyone

Tomorrow will be the FINAL KOM of the year! As is the tradition in many big events, the final climb of a hard mountain stage is categorized as “HC” or “Holy Cow,” thus being worth DOUBLE POINTS.

In the spirit of these great races, MCT’s final KOM will also be worth double points. We will do 5 climbs

Cemetery (All the way from the bottom)

Starting at 6:30 from the base of the Houde

Hope to see everyone there!

I’ll pull it together and show up for this, the ultimate KOM.

With only one person in, I don’t think I’ll go.
2 exams tomorrow and I could use the extra study time

Huh, so is this on or not? Pete, you down for some hills?

I’ve missed every KOM so far. Not again. Not again. See you at 6:30.

I’ll be recovering from today’s Giro…whoa do I need more time in the saddle to hang with the pack on advanced group rides. I figured I would be dropped given it was a race prep for some and my first road outing. Overall, I’m happy with my debut.

IM in.

Ah, I didn’t realize that’s who you were at the ride today! Sorry we dropped you~ That was basically a how-much-can-we-work-in-30-minutes kind of ride, so we had to go full gas. Next time I’ll say hi and chat.

Sorry guys. Alarm didn’t go. Just out of bed now.

No prob Ben, I knew what I was getting into. I would have done the same. Now I have a metric to go against. I’m actually not too sore this AM. We’ll talk more next time.

Hope no one else But peteW showed Up. we waited till 35 past. it was a real good ride.

I truly feel like a King of the Mountain today.