KOM/QOM #2 - Mommy it's dark

Shocking how much darker it is in the mornings these days. DLS will be appreciated. In any case, the climbing goes on. So this Thursday again at 6:30 will be the second Kom/Qom of the year. Meet at the bottom of the Houde. If you need more info on this ride check out last week’s thread here. Forecast is currently nice: enjoy it while it lasts!

I plan on showing up like this:

I am the master of the double sign-up!

Dhruv will do each hill twice with the timer not stopping. Only when he summits the 2nd time will it count.

I can lead the int group

We will do bonus hills

We will discuss the start & finish lines

I guess no one else wants to do beginner??

should be able to show up and stay until 7:05-7:10

I’m pulling out of this week’s Kom. Horrible sleeping night

A gallant defence of the int-KOM ‘jersey’ by Mike; my hubris proved to be my demise. Admittedly, we discovered the climbing abilities of Phil today & were reminded that Pete is a sneaky mountain goat. Marie-Soleil showed incredible panache & an unbreakable will to beat Ruth’s previous intermediate KOM score. And Zach, I think you mentioned that you were considering going down to beginner. Let me tell you first hand that it’s a lot better (in terms of making performance gains) to be in the pit of despair & tasting blood in a category that’s a bit too high than to just be only mildly in the pit of despair & tasting blood in a lower category.

Houde: David, Phil, Mike, Pete, Ruth (she then left to adv)
Ridgewood: Mike, Phil, Pete, Noah, Marie-Soleil
Oratory: Mike, Phil, Pete, Zach, Marie-Soleil
Poly: David, Mike, Pete, Phil, Zach
Conservatory: Mike, Phil, Pete, Marie-Soleil, Zach
Wall: Pete, Marie-Soleil, Phil, Mike, David
Remembrance Sprint: Mike, David, Phil, Pete, Zach

Also, I ain’t even gonna try to do math anymore (sorry Eric)

nice covert un-signup dhruv

yeah dhruv, neither one of you showed up! Even I showed up and I NEVER come to Kom! PS I still have that jersey for you if you want it

Scoresheet is updated in both categories here. I may or may not have updated this during a lecture, so let me know if I made any mistakes. A very good KOM this week. Definitely this week’s most improved was Phil: you need to figure out how to stick it out for some middle points if you want to slow his charge David. Also awesome seeing Adler, MatBR and JonVK all out for the same ride - that’s some seriously old-timer presence. See you all out next week.

Did anybody see Druv this morning? Oh…I get it; Ben are you the new Druv? Which one do you want to be; Druv1 or Druv2?
See you all next week! Pray for no rain!!!

For inquiries regarding my absence, please see- http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3q856c/
I thought I had biked to KOM and met all of you at the Houde. For some strange reason David had tie-dye everything, not just knee-warmers- that let me on to the fact that something was off…
By the time I actually woke up it was 6:20-ish…dammit!

special thanks to Eric for dragging my ass up the Houde

special thanks to eric for being awesome