But only if we have 5 total people signed up. It will not be super intense. It will be base mile esque (~80 min or so pedaling)

where’s the spin room?

Its the one in the mcgill gym on the same floor as the weight room and squash courts.

ah i see. i’ll try to make it out if this happens. don’t wanna sign up though cuz i’m not sure yet…

thanks by the way!

We are going to spin tomorrow morning because Chilly might come and that makes 4, and 4 is really close to 5.

See you all at 9 am.

Hey dudes!
This is a bit of an odd request, but would my Mom be allowed to come for this practice? She’s a pretty big fitness buff, cycling addict, and a cool lady; she’s here for Christmas, so she’d really love to join for one spin. I promise she’ll behave!! lol

Plus, that would make 5!! lol

Sure thing. I like math. 5>4. Thats a lie. I hate math. Bring all the friends you can find.

back in the day, before adam taught spin classes, we used to to have “bring your mom to spin class” day, and once I think we had 4 moms in the same spin class! No Joke.