Life Cycles movie premiere Friday Dec 10th

I have been remiss in not posting this earlier, but I am the event manager for the Montreal premiere of Life Cycles, a new, highly cinematic documentary about the life cycle of a bike, from birth to death.

I am attempting, in conjunction with the ADSVMQ and Le Yeti, to host the biggest cycling film event that montreal has ever seen. So far, it seems to be working. We have rented La Tulipe (a 530 seat venue at the corner of Mont Royal and Papineau), we secured enough sponsorship to have almost $10,000 in prizes, including two bike frames, multiple helmets, camelbacks, handlebars, etc etc and etc, and ALSO we are showing the most highly anticipated bike film (perhaps) that has ever been made.

The movie is not your typical “bike porn” movie, it has much more of a documentary feel. Imagine the love child of Planet Earth and some amazing mountain biking movie like Seasons. This movie will appeal to anyone with even a passing interest in bicycles, not just serious cyclists.

The premiere itself is kind of a proving ground for me, because if it goes well then I will get a job at the ADSVMQ as their event manager. Sooooo, if you come, you are:

  1. helping Ben make it in the bike industry
  2. making it much more likely that you will win free stuff
  3. will see incredible biking on the big screen
  4. will have an awesome evening

All the gory details can be found on the facebook event, but the key things to remember:

Friday December 10th (a week from today)
doors open at 7:30pm
first 80 people in line get a free t-shirt (!)
movies start playing at 8pm, and festivities continue until 10:30, where we have a quick table switch-a-roo, and then la tulip becomes an afterparty with 90s music. Your $12 movie ticket will include a raffle ticket AND entry to La Tulipe 90s night, which will double as the afterparty!

Please please please! I will love you all forever and ever if you come.

You can see the trailer for lifecycles right here:

I’ll definitely try to show up. been waiting for this one for a little while

Anyone else thinking of showing up? It’s gonna be a rowdy night! Also, my co-organizers want some girls to help sell raffle tickets. Any girls interested in VIP status in exchange for selling some raffle tickets for us?

i can probably pull myself away from studying for a bit

you definitely should, man! It’s only like 7:30 to 10pm. All the festivities will be about over by then. Except the afterparty of course, but for those who have to study, I understand if you don’t stay for the afterparty.