Look or Speedplay?

Im interested in getting pedals for my birthday.

pedals and shoes. but the pedals are the big debate as already discussed with AJ.

Im leaning towards Speedplay simply for the simplicity, perhaps maybe inclined because of the different design, or is it the claims on their website? i donno.

Anyone would like to pitch their say, comments or opinions… please do so.


There is also shimano’s SPD-LS system which a few of us have which is look like. I find it can be fussy to clip into sometimes although that might just be the ultegra pedals, but the cleats are really tough and fairly resistant to fouling.

AJ which pedals do you have? I keep having a problem where the pedal toe feels “in” but the spring latch doesn’t engage the cleat and it pulls out.

The big complaint about speedplays is that the cleats require maintenance (compared to other cleats) and are prone to fouling.

I just found out recently that they make a neat dust/wear cap that you can get for look cleats which fits on your shoes when you walk.

Another thing to consider is look pedals are mostly either a tough reinforced polymer or carbon fiber, while the ultegra and up shimano stuff is alloy body - I bang my pedals up pretty bad so I like the metal.

Although AJ will probably come in to correct me on materials again :wink:

Look Keo Carbon go for 125$ on ProBikeKit. For the price, I find them unbeatable. Very light and the finish is nice. You can get the Shimano SH-R131S Carbon Road Shoes on ebay for 130$. I own them, they are very confortable and the sole is really stiff, you feel the difference. You dont neeeed carbon shoes and pedal, but for 255$, it don’t see why not…

I use the time RXE. This will be my third full season on them, and they still are working really well. I still haven’t even replaced the cleats, because the part you walk on has no function in clipping in. I am quite happy with them.

I’ve got the SH-R131S as well, quite happy with them so far (especially for the price I paid). You really do need to try on shoes before buying though IMO.

I only see the Keo Carbons for $277 on PBK.

Ben, have you heard of the RXE recall? Not sure when you got your pedals:


Dang, I have that gold dot on mine, so they are unaffected. I was hoping I would be able to send them back and get a new pair :wink: Thanks for the heads up Jason!

I am a time man myself, for mountain and road. I only use time pedals. Time stuff lasts forEVER. The road ones take some getting used to for clipping in, but I like the adjustability and they feel pretty light to me (Also the RXS). They aslo are WAY cooler looking than speedplay, which I think look kind of silly.

They have a great reputation and reliability if you discount the RXE and RSX models made between 2004 and 2006 :wink:

We’ve also left the crankbros egg-beater stuff out - has anyone tried them for road use? I was thinking of getting a set for commuting and MTB.

not a fan of the eggbeaters for MTB. They are way too small for when you have to ride unclipped, which happens from time to time in MTB. I also have a pair of the Mallet C (eggbeater’s Downhill version) which I hated. Unequivocally. Worst mtb product I have ever bought. Came in a very very cool box, though.

what do you recommend for mbt then (I’m assuming time :stuck_out_tongue: )? I’d like to graduate from my “training pedals”.

Oh, and I hate the regular SPD with a divine passion.

I’m a fan of the speedplays. I like having lots of float, and they’re usually quite easy to clip in BUT beware of mud since the cleats clog and jam. You also have to lube the cleats regularly, otherwise they don’t work so well. But they are very light and have good clearance and good support. And way more stylish then Times IMHO.
The cleats are much more expensive then look or shimano cleats, but also last much longer, so it comes out relatively even.

I’ve had look deltas before, and they were just fine too, but they ended up having issues, and i find the speedplays easier to clip into.

Apparently some Look keo classics tended to break a bit easily, but the sprints were fine.

I’ve heard people complain about the crank-brothers for cyclotourism because they didn’t have enough platform, so definitely wouldn’t recommend them for road use.

I’ve had time Alum’s which are about 8 years old now and still work fine. For downhill (and now for aggressive XC as well) I use the Time ATAC Z pedals, which have a nice big platform for when you are unclipped in a techie section. That would be my recommendation, they give more confidence then a smaller pedal, and really they aren’t THAT heavy.

Ben, I was looking at these eggbeaters - regular locking system with a large platform:


I’m also interested in the Look Quartz. Speedplay also has their “frog” mtb pedals but they look really goofy - anyone tried those?

ATACs are pricey :frowning:

I’ll be trying frog’s as soon as i start mtbing again, i’m replacing my broken ones which unclipped half the times i pulled (not even hard).

I know a lot of people who have had and loved the eggbeater pedals, but from my own personally experience I cannot recommend them. The pedals I am talking about are here, and are significantly less expensive than the Mallets.


Cool, I was only finding the significantly more expensive ATAC XS models.

Eggbeaters are DA BOMB!

Can you elaborate on the issue of lubeing and the compatibility of the cleat with shoes (which ones for instance). Im thinking of going with Speedplay Zeros Stainless. Stainless just casue i dont trust Cromo… which is painted…

Basically, instead of having moving compontents on the pedal when you clip, the moving components are on the cleat. Therefore, i just put a drop of oil (teflon lube, same as i use for my chain) on the cleat every now and then, and when i ride in the rain. Otherwise they start squeaking and in extreme cases become real nasty to clip and unclip. I myself have the stainless zeroes, and like them.

In terms of compatibility, the only shoes that i know come in 4 hole drilling are lake, and $$$$$, so i just have the regular look drilling on shimano shoes, and it works just fine with the adaptor that is provided with the cleats, although you do get a bit more stack height.