Looking for: Custom frame builder


Well I was tempted in posting this in the buy/sell section though I thought it might be a little more appropriate here. I am looking for an experienced frame build or any general frame builder that would have more information on reynolds 953 stainless steel & possibly interested in building something up for me… if possible because it is a fairly odd resquestion.

Any info would be nice.


Until recently there was Quixote Cycles but I’m pretty sure he packed up for Portland.

There’s a guy named Tony, last name starts with A, he volunteers(ed?) at Right to Move out of Concordia. He does custom frames.

There’s also Barge, in town, and Mariposa in Toronto. Steelwool, out of Ottawa, has a custom program with a builder somewhere in Quebec.

Thanks for the info, checking it out now.

There is an excellent frame builder in Guelph, True North Cycles

He will do steel or Ti frames.


Oh man forgot about that one.

There’s a True North on the team.

Worth checking out.

I’ve got a friend who has been doing frames for some time and we’re going to lay up some Alu frames in the near future.

He’s a really solid welder but hasn’t gotten the perfect cosmetic beads quite down pat yet.

Is there any specific reason you want to go with a tough to order tubeset that has gotten a lot of gripes, isn’t miraculous (merely very competitive) and could potentially run you rediculously expensive?

Also, any groan inducing claims such as impact toughness as high as armor plate are an instant turn off for me.

Thanks again everyone for the info

@ jason
there isnt really any specific reason I got a crazy idea and like 90% of my crazy idea’s I pursued it to see where it would lead me and its lead me to a very expensive project if I wished to go though with it. So right now even though it may sound a little silly I have contempted myself about riding around on my s-work around.

Though recently I was around the bellville cycle coop and ran into a messenger that builds his own steel frames and we got a chance to talk, it put me up tp speed with a few things and over all I am happy.

Right now like mentioned above, I believe I will put it off and work towards my 75-300mm nikon lense rather then getting a frame + fork built for about 3000$ (at 600$ more you can pretty much get a BMC with 105 / ultegra Groupo or something like that).

I also learnt that the 953 stainless isnt really stainless is just a new type of alloy which they class AS stainless steel. It’s really light though, a guy in montreal wants to make a crazy light cyclo cross bike.


if your interested in hearing about what the idea was about, put the following together —> 953 stainless steel frame / fork + select carbon / alloy components. 8 speed internal hub and a carbon belt drive with road drops. the main reason it came to mind is I tend to snap derailer arms or damage parts of the chain drive due to how I shift… of course you could get me to learn how to shift and the problem would be fixed but anyways thats about it.

of course if you managed to make cheap fraims like leader U.S.A and found a way to build maintance free road bikes using the internal hub I am sure you could probably find a market. not to mention that internal hubs are pretty darn simple when you crack them open and require maintance about once per 12 / 18 months if done correctly. Plus since theres less actual components it drops the building cost. a rear internal hub is about 250$.

I could go on and on but anyways think you get the point


Thanks again everyone

tony alphonso does LMNO cycles


and he’s the nicest guy in montreal

I really do not think there is much of a market for $2000 + commuter bikes sadly. There are actually a few insanely expensive ones out there though.

Regular steel does an excellent job for a fraction of the cost and the number of 20-30 year old steel frames still riding around out there is a testament to how long that stuff lasts.