Looking to go downhill riding this weekend or next

Hey everyone,
new here, just joined. I used to race downhill and for a few years now I’ve yet to hit up a single hill. If anyone has a vehicle and is looking to go out riding, I’ll pay the gas and bring some freebies… Let me know!!

email: harvey1990@gmail.com
cell: 514-887-2460


I think a lot of the mtn bikers here are going to a race in New Hampshire this weekend, but I’ll be heading to Bromont on Sunday (October 2nd). I also do not have a car so I’m taking the good ole bike bus from Westmount. If you’d like to sign up see here:
Unfortunately it’s rather expensive… But better than nothing I guess :slight_smile:

We will also be going to Vermont for some amazing DH on the weeknd of Oct 15 and 16th, maybe you can join us for that weekend?? Kingdom trails has new downhill trails which are amazing. Sorry you can’t make it for Highland this weekend, another one of my favorite places to ride.

If you guys have space, I’d be interested in coming down that weekend… Is the 15/16 part of the ECCC races?

We are still planning out the options for the mountain bikers at the Vermonster. Its either the ECCC races 30 min away, kingdom trails for training or a combination of both. The mountain bikers who are planning on coming should pm Emily Jibb who is simultaneously scheduling the Vermonster and is leading our MTB team.

Im hoping to try out MTB racing for the first timecever that weekend.