LOST AND FOUND South Carolina

Hope everybody enjoyed the wonderful riding and weather of the south.

Here is the place to post if you think you are missing something and you think that somebody else may have brought it back with them or if you brought something back.

I’ll start it off with Adrien I have your shoes and shoe covers.

I also have a pile of random stuff that was on the floors when we left. Which if nobody claims by the end of the month will be disposed of in which ever way is deemed best.

Do you have a black MEC “kit” bag with a razor and toothbrush in it?

Ben Blake, I have your fender and front wheel

I am missing a red mcgill shoe cover.

I am missing a

  • white Lacoste bag which had my tooth brush, tooth paste… and so on
  • 1 black riding sock with a sowed little man riding on it
  • my speedometer which was on my bike before we left…so maybe someone found it in the trailer


I only have the computer sorry.

missing- two shimano xt pedals.

Alex- I found your lacoste toiletry bag

Drew- I found your pedals

John- I have your MEC toiletry bag

Adrien and Neal your bikes are still here (though the craigslist ads are already up)

I’m leaving for toronto early wednseday morning, so tonight would be a good time for people to pick up this stuff, otherwise it will have to be when I get back on sunday.

oh yes, and joclyn I have your heed.

I appear to have not packed my new mcgill bibs, size large.

If you have an extra pair and don’t know where they cam from, they’re probably mine. Let me know!

I’m also missing a white and red specialized sock, but that’s far less important than the bibs!

Got both

Alex I have your computer and now your lacoste bag I’ll bring it to a spin or something if I see you going.

sweet man! okay thats great news! lol