Macaframa. One man. One big hill

Well I was just killing time at work on trackosaurus rex website and fell on the following video of some fixed gear riders in San Francisco. Of course I have wrote my track bike around and gone down hills where I could control my speed and some that I couldnt (hence why I opt brakes to be an important choice for all bikes and that being not just a front brake, officially saying brakeless is stupid and I speak of experienced).

Then again fixed in a hilly area is dangerous unless you can do 140 - 150 RPM depending on the hill.

So with out further delay.

then again pushing limites has always crossed the line between safty and stupidity (skate board jump over the great wall of china, 40ft drop by jake brown and countless others)

Looks like the rider would fit nicely into Montreal with the way he blows through stop signs hoping nothing is coming the other way! BTW he need not be on a bike to slide through stop signs, he could just as easily be in car - just like the one I saw on my commute the other day. What stop sign? Those are for other people. :?

Apart from the plain brainless stupidity of a brakeless fixie and almost even more so the choice of gear ratio on that particular one, I am pretty impressed with the fact that he gets his tire to smoke without having his wait on the handlebars. He apparently does reach quite some deceleration there.
Still … if things went by Darwin’s rule book, that bus would have gotten him.

he’s got some pretty nice clips though :


@ Ikthir, I love those. I’ve seen so many people burn stops and nearly get hit that it’s become almost normal now though its not only cyclists there. I mean we’ve all j walked at some point in time though after seeing my co-workers foot when it got ran over by a car because the guy was talking on the cell phone and when a women got her foot ran over while j walking I now think its best to wait on the side walk till the light is green.

@AJ, I agree and even though he managed to get by one bus you have to remeber that one day it all catch’s up to us and he might not be as lucky the next time. You can search up a few stories of fixies raming into cars and dieing. It is interesting how the tire smokes though, I was expecting it to pop :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Brandon

A lot of AYHSMB or AYHSHB seems to originate from the guy who did this to his wheel:

its been seen on

@ kevin.r, while I agree it is wise to wait for a green light before crossing, unfortunately this in no way ensures that a cyclist or for that matter a car may actually stop at the red. I’ve seen so many cyclist run the red that when I do have a green light I’m hoping that I will not meet a fellow cyclist cutting across my path because they happen to be colour blind, impatient, stupid etc. As we all know, defensive driving is not just for motorists and the rule for defensive driving is that every other person is out to hit you! So best to anticipate, plan and avoid. Despite this mini-rant, I do enjoy cycling so much that it is worth all the risks 8)


Cycling Rules 8)