Marinoni vr2 $300

The frame is listed as a 47cm, and although it is pretty small, i’d argue that it’s a tad bit bigger than that. (More like a 50-51)

Size 47

Seat tube length (c-t) 52

Top tube length (c-c) 51.8

for more information see

The frame itself is two years old, bought in July 2009.

Included in the sale would be a carbon FSA headset and aluminum FSA seatpost with 25mm setback.

$400, mate this with a used groupset and you could have a full-out racing rig for under a grand.

Frame retailed for like $2200.

do u have a new bike?


<3 the alu! :wink:

i sent you a PM Drew

are you still selling the frame?

yeah, i’ll send you a picture tomorrow.

hey Drew, are you still selling your frame?