MARK YOUR CALENDARS: 2010 ECCC road season

It’s been up for a couple of weeks now: the 2010 ECCC road calendar

Of particular interest to us:
Mar 6–7 Rutgers Frozen-Toed Season Opener Piscataway, NJ
Apr 10–11 Yale Lux et Velocitas New Haven, CT
Apr 17–18 Army Spring Classic West Point, NY
Apr 24–25 Easterns at Dartmouth Hanover, NH

From previous experience, I can tell you that it’s almost certain we will go to Rutgers and Army in big numbers! Yale and Dartmouth have been less popular in the past, but this could change in 2010!

Woohoo!!! This should change. The Yale and Dartmouth weekends were pretty awesome races last year. Yale has really nice course (rolling circuit with nice climb up east rock to the finish). And Dartmouth has a sweet crit course (6-corner w a power climb to break things up a bit) and the road race was the highlight of the season for me. Separate start/finish, neutral start, 20km circuit (none of this 3km circuit BS) w ~4km climb (~4%) and final climb 4km @4.5%. And of course, beautiful road across the board.

Check out the race proposals for more details

Check out the Yale proposal especially…see if you recognize anyone on the front page

could it be? Is that… the queen of the mountains?


And in the next picture on the right! It’s Erin!

I wish Army wasn’t in the middle of the exam period :S

i wish i could climb like queen… thats a sweet shirt

wow. that is some serious McGill representation right there.

ive just realized, but theres now an extra credit race INCLUDED in the eccc calendar! check it out…


hahah nice!!!

Nice job Brandon for making it on VeloNews in the photo.

i knew ben would be excited… :slight_smile: