Mavic Cosmic Carbon SSC, $550


i’m selling this for a friend. Carbon fiber fairing over a bomb proof aluminum rim means that these wheels can be used for training and racing. 20 spoke rear and 16 spoke front! Bearings roll smooth and both wheels are true. Deep enough for both road races and TT’s. They are clincher and come with a rear tire and two tubes but not cassette. The price for MCT members is $550 and $675 for non MCT members. Prices based on ebay price history. Really nice wheels.

so tempting.

Weight limit? solid 206 right now.

I can bring these to RPI if someone wants to snag them.

Adam, 20 spoke rear… 16 spoke front… 206 would probably be ok but 180 would be better.

My dad is 220lbs, and is ready to absolutely destroy his new 404s this summer…

Thanks for the honesty instead of the sales pitch Scott. Next season.

Dennis… those look fast, and you need a new wheel. :wink:

Adam, didn’t Scott already convince you to just get a set of Open Pros or CXP-22s or CXP-33s and forget about it? =P