Mavic WinTech FS + Cadence meter

I bought this bike computer in the summer of 2009. Works great, could use new batteries (I’ll pick some up and pop them in if someone buys this set).

Condition: Pretty good. It’s got some white specs of paint on it that got on it god knows when.

Why am I selling it?: Reason A) I could use the money. Reason B) (the reason I’ll tell anyone else) I’m super euro and train off feel alone.

Also includes something like 95 4 inch cable ties that fit the PC and the cadence meter (cadometer?). You only need 4 for the set, so do the math, that’s a lot of free cable ties.

BUT WAIT. THERE’S MORE. Also also includes the Rosetta Stone of instruction manuals (if you’re unable to read English but can speak any other European language, I’ve got your back).

Bottom Line: $50 sounds good?

Also, I’ve got a (currently brakeless) fixie that I’ve been meaning to sell. I don’t have a camera at the moment so an official post has yet to have been made. It’s got the LEGENDARY eno eccentric white industries hub laced on to some (I forget the brand) semi-deep profile black alloy hubs. Lugged frame, black, nicked up a bit (nothing a bit of spray paint can’t (temporarily) fix).

If this sounds at all appealing let me know.

Interested in the computer, give me a call. 514 627 5551