Maybe you saw the weird Haro at Rutgers too?

Well, if you did, you weren’t the only one that noticed, the ECCC did a story on it and the maker of this near frankenstein.
and even if you haven’t seen it, you should still probably check it out.


I love duct tape but I’m not sure I approve of using it for cycling applications =P

Then I guess you don’t truly love duct tape…

Just how did he attach the rear brake?

Electrical tape > duct tape for bikes.

He’s mounted the brake through the chain-stay bridge.

….The article says “of course” like 3 times as if whatever bizarre contraption they put on this disaster of a bike was the most obvious choice.

“he’s using 700c’s of course” Well pardon the hell outta me, with that disaster of a stem and the decision to run a single speed crankset who knows what this guy was aiming for, let alone what was obvious to him. With all that epic fail it wouldn’t be surprising if he was running a 650 up front.

“keeping things simple with Tektro brake-only levers. These of course are mounted on Felt Alloy 6061 handlebars” ….Of course they are…

He claims his bike is “very responsive” and yea I bet he can bomb corners in a crit pretty well but I’d like to see that 40mm in some intense crosswinds. Should have saved a bit more for a used bike and then see how a bike is supposed to respond.

Putting this back in the news for everyone racing C this year. Scott Igo is still here, the Haro is still there as well. Pretty crazy bike.