McGill Clothes!

Hey, I was just wondering what is left in terms of McGill cycling clothes… in the Medium size?

Also anyone wanting to get rid of some old McGill cycling clothes let me know!

I’d like to add to this post that I am also in need of Mcgill cycling clothes. Most importantly, a size small jersey. Thanks! :smiley:

@Vallerand: We have extras of almost every article of McGill Cycling clothing, send me a pm with what you would like.

@Naomi: We have some small jerseys too! :slight_smile:

is there extra mcgill jackets? Cuz i want one of those, belatedly.

Are there any vests? I guess old ones because I dont think they were ordered this year…

wooow! I get first dibs :wink: … just kidding

I would like…

Warm shirt

What are the prices on all this too? Anyway if you want I could pass by at some point?.. after Monday though.


If I was still a mcgill cycling VIP instead of a has-been I would delete the sh*t out of that spam. Instead, I can just glare at it.

Is there any socks left? I wear size 10 for my shoes.