McGill Cycling 2019 Adidas Gear OFFICIAL Order

(Max Shapiro) #1

Hey everyone! McGill Athletics and MCT is offering an awesome opportunity for all of us to order custom Adidas gear through their online catalog. The gear would be customized specifically with the McGill Cycling logo and will look very similar to the varsity jackets and backpacks that so many of us see around campus. With this gear, as the great Nick Kleban would say, “we will all be drippin!”

The Google Survey will serve as an official order placement, so that the exec on MCT can get an exact number of how many orders we would need to purchase of each item, as well as the sizes. Please refer to the catalog linked below for any sizing or additional information.


  1. Team 19 Polo (Red)–$35
  2. Team 19 Track Jacket (Red)–$50
  3. Team 19 Track Pant (Black)–$45
  4. Clima Tech Tee (Red, ONLY MENS SIZES)–$25
  5. Stadium II Backpack (Red)–$45

IMPORTANT: Once you have placed your order via the Google Survey, please send the total dollar amount of all your items directly via interac e-transfer to MCT’s email:

The DEADLINE to submit your order responses is MONDAY, OCTOBER 7.



  • Getting the Drip
  • Not Getting the Drip

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(Max Shapiro) #2

(Matthew Seeley) #3

Are there any sample items (particularly the track pants) we can look at?

(Max Shapiro) #4

Hi Matthew, unfortunately, McGill cycling does not have any sample items of the Adidas gear.

(Craig Knobovitch) #5

If you want to get an idea, I’d say best bet is to find the items at either the Adidas store downtown or at Sports Expert or another store. You could also order them online from Adidas and just use the free return policy.

(Hesam Mahjoubi) #6

Quick question, will it be shipped to people who are not currently in Montreal?


(Max Shapiro) #7

Hey Hesam! Unfortunately, we will not be shipping outside of Montreal for this Adidas order. However, we will be coordinating shipping for our official team jersey order this month, so for sure be on the lookout for that and let us know if you have any other questions.

(Craig Knobovitch) #8

When can we expect the Adidas kit to come in?

(Max Shapiro) #9


(Max Shapiro) #10