McGill Cycling Clothing Order

It’s the time of the year that you all has been waiting for… Clothing order time!

As everyone can now see, there is now a new tab in the navigation bar called “Shop”. This is the online clothing store for McGill Cycling. The new system allows everyone to submit their orders online, essentially streamlining the whole process and making things much more effective and interactive. Also, there is now the option of paying by PayPal as well.

I invite you to browse through our apparel selection for the 2012 season, but keep in mind that your order and payment must be received by November 12th at 11:59PM or it will not be processed. Item descriptions are provided alongside a design proof (for the majority of items), size selection, and pricing. More information is provided on the “Shop” page.

Have a pleasant shopping experience and check out the new caps, now OREC approved (Rule 15)!

Also, thank you to Jon VK for putting the shop together.

I can’t find anywhere the sizing tables for caps. I have an odd-shaped skull.

edit: my bad “Hats and shoe covers offered in one size fit most”

Will there be any more opportunities to buy the vintage wool jerseys?

Details on the wool jerseys to come very soon (less than a week).

They will be added to the store as soon as we have the information we need.

Any chance we can try stuff on before? Like do you have models?

Unfortunately we don’t have any models to try out and, because of the order time frame, I do not believe we will be receiving any. However, here is a link to the sizing charts on the verge site to give you an idea of the item measurements:

The fit should be the same as last year’s jerseys, who were also verge’s “race cut.” The only difference is that this year’s jerseys are from the elite line and not the classic one, which means they’ll be of higher quality.

If you still need a model I’m pretty sure Jocelyn can do some modelling for you:D
He’s already advertising with his new action packed profile pic.


Just a reminder that there are only five days left to order your McGill Cycling clothing. Also, payments must be received by the 12th at 11:59PM.

Does the 2012 clothing look different from the 2011 version?

New sponsors, new hat, and a white thigh band, but overall the same.

Where do I drop my payment off?

Plyo tomorrow night at McGill Athlectics 8PM in the Aerobics room.

Or you can get in touch with Julien, Josef or Me, we’ll keep posting times we are available here.

Great thank you, and roughly when will they be ready for pickup?

Mid December or January depending on the Customs crossing.

If going to plyo doesn’t work out shoot me a text at 514-549-0602 and we can always meet up.

I don’t see any of the thin wind jackets. Are this available this year?

No the thin wind vest are not available this year. We decided to offer the more versatile long sleeve training jackets instead.


Payments can be made with:

Josef - 514-549-0602

Myself - 514-515-2160… I will be at home (320 Sherbrooke Ouest) from 9 - 4 tomorrow to accept payments. There is no buzzer so give me a text and I will meet you in the lobby.