McGill Cycling Team bibs+jersey Exchange

I ordered bibs and jersey size L, and it turns out that they are too large for me.
If anyone is interested in trading their size M for size L, that would be great.
I washed the jersey twice, once when I first received it and another time after wearing it for 5mn and realizing that it didn’t fit. I did NOT put it in the drier. And I use hand-wash cycle in the machine.

I washed the bibs twice as well, once after getting them and once after wearing them for an hour and a half in a workout. The bibs fit me better so I’m not as concerned about them as the jerseys. The jersey is really too large for me.

Oh and I haven’t tried (or washed) the jacket yet. If it turns out that it’s too big, I might want to exchange it for a size M too.

Dibs on the jacket. If you have a size S jacket I’ll trade you my M.

Sadly, the jacket, just like the jersey and the bibs, is a size L.

haha then you should have said “If it turns out I"M too small”

Ha. True.

Jocelyn, you just need to eat more steak… Texan style :stuck_out_tongue: Won’t be as quick on the climbs but your clothes will be skin tight

Aha Aha. Watch me lose another 2 kilos in SC while eating 6000 calories a day.

I might want to trade M bibs as mine are a bit on the small side. I need to try on the jersey but I usually wear M shirts so I’m not sure about that. All stuff from this year. PM me!

seems to me that

“it’s too big”


“I’m too small”

are the same thing.

[quote=I]I haven’t tried (or washed) the jacket yet. If it turns out that it’s too small[/quote]
When really I meant to say “if it turns out that it’s too big,” which is somewhat confusing. However, after Phil pointed it out to me, I used the miracle of modern technology to erase my mistake…

I have managed to exchange the jacket for an M. However, I still am looking to trade the jersey and bibs. Alex, I sent you a PM.