McGill Girls' Cycling Night

When: Jan. 25th. Ye Olde Orchard
Time: 7:15 onward

Come have some beer or cider and sweet potato fries at Ye Olde! A fun time before the semester gets too crazy. See you there!

I’m in! I love this place. Good choice!

I’ll be there most likely but I have a screening till 7:30. Good idea.

totally into this.

Make sure you all go to the same Ye Olde Orchard!

I have class, but I will definitely try to come by for a drink afterwards around 9:30.

Hey guys,
I’m really miffed, because it doesn’t look like I can make it; I have a rehearsal from 6-9 and then a guest coming, that night. Please hold another one in the future??
Thanks so much for the invite, I wouldve loved to come!

OF COURSE! More of these to come! Just a reminder, THIS TUESDAY, YE OLDE! PRINCE ARTHUR AND ST LAURENT!

Sweet- I’ll be there around 7 and try to get us a table!