McGill official TT/HCTT!

I have received guidance from beyond (ie Brandon from Italy), and this is what I have been told: KOM is over, and therefore it is time for the annual time trial and hill climb time trial.

This event will be held next saturday, Nov. 5, at 9:30AM. We will meet at the hairpin of the F1 track, where the TT will be one lap of pain. Then we will all bike together to the base of the Houde for a timed climb from the grass triangle to the painted line at the top. The winner will be the person with the lowest combined time, and there will be separate scores for Men and Women. Brunch will follow at a location tbd.

This is what I need from you:
[] At least two volunteers to bring stopwatches or good digital watches.
] Volunteer timers. Ideally these will be people who do not want to compete, because otherwise things get complicated. We will need one for the F1 track and two for the Houde (one at the bottom and one at the top).
[*] Most importantly, I need an experienced member who can take over leading this event. Unfortunately I will be in NYC for an audition that weekend, and therefore will not be able to attend, so I need somebody to bring pens and paper, get people moving, decide where to go for brunch, compile results, and in general make sure everything runs smoothly.

Absolutely everybody who sees this should do it: it gives you an awesome way to assess your fitness gains/losses four months from now, and there won’t be too many more opportunities to bike outside for a while. Sign up in the slots that apply to you.

oh no, i will be in toronto that weekend!

I can take charge on this.

If I can get one other person to help me out with timing, everything should be pretty easy and this will be an awesome success.

I’ll be there, I’ll hopefully be riding, sorry dennis, but you never know.

I am drinking the night before. I don’t want responsibilities I wont be able to handle

Thank god, I thought this would never happen. Weather forecast is a balmy 8 degrees saturday. Surely that’s enough for the proud Canadians composing the majority of the team to show up.

Can anybody who is bringing some form of technically advanced and precise method of accurately telling the time, please post.

yeah, I need a helper!

Also, start PMing me some places we could go for brunch afterwards. I could use some ideas

Anywhere with steak is fine by me.

Guys, I have a sports watch… advanced enough?

La petite marche where we went last year was pretty good, and big enough for a large group (we managed 18 last year).

grrrace… i hope your comment means that your coming!

Will anyone be meeting at McGill before heading down to the track?

I will pass by the gates on my way to the track. Want to meet at 9?

It looks like I might be able to provide “photo finish” home brew. Assuming the code comes together tomorrow morning.

I probably be there at 9am. anyone wants to join for a few extra warm up laps?

Can’t make it. Sorry guys

Doesn’t look like I can make it, sorry team

9:00 AM gates works for me.