McGill Race May 28th VOLUNTEERS

The race has been confirmed and will be happening in Ville Saint Laurent

An EPIC 5 corner criterium, with one 180 degree turn.

I am making an open call for volunteers to be there the day of the Race.

We need people to stand on corners, direct traffic, run the registration booth, flip burgers, sell drinks etc.

There will be no 50 or 75% signup. We need to be able to count on people. We will assign people jobs as we get closer and have a better idea of what needs the most man power.

We are also looking for a few to be responsible for groups of volunteers (Traffic, Food, Registration etc). The time commitment will be larger and include meetings every week leading up to the race. PM me and Scott if you feel up to this task.

I’m hoping for a swarm of eager people.


Pumped! My girlfriend is going to volunteer too.

i really wish i could. however, i’ll be out of the country… so i guess i can’t complain too much. have fun everybody!!! make it awesome!

I am currently slated to work the weekend of the 27th and 28th. I’m done my shift on the 28th at 8am, I need sleep, but I’ll try my best to show up mid-day (don’t count on me).

Same as victoria, I wish I could be there, but I’ll be out of the country as well.
I hope everything goes well, and hopefully i can help with the one next year.

I’ll be racing in Charlevoix that day, unfortunately. I would really like to be there.

I’ll be racing, but as far as volunteering is concerned, only if it doesn’t interfere with my photographing.

Can we designate you official volunteer photographer Jon?

BUMP!!! We need more people. The greater our volunteer force the greater the race will be. Step up for the team.

I’m in for volunteering!

Count me in.


I’m in!

Good luck everyone! Make McGill proud!

So what time do volunteers need to be there? I have volunteered for working at the bbq. Also, what’s the best way to get there?

Im in, officially; guests for convocation dont get here until Monday, so Im free! Saweeet!

Also, I too need to know the best way to get there.


I believe that everybody who has volunteered has been contacted by AndrewG, and will be receiving assignments from him soon. If you have never talked to Andrew and would still like to volunteer send him an email marked for volunteering at our account.

Thanks to all of you ahead of time. It is not possible without the support of the team.


Anyone want to meet at the gates and bike down?

i’m biking down. what time where you thinking