MCT TTT Oct. 18th

So some of us were talking about having another TT later in the season.
This is what I propose : a McGill team-time-trial at the F1 track.
If you’re planning to race ECCC in the spring, I highly recommend you to come

Why: Many ECCC races that we attend (3 out of 5, I think) have a TTT event, and we should attend them and be good at them

How: sign-up here if you want to participate. As people sign up, I will make the teams according to the strength of the racers and the category they expect to race in 2009. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to change teams if you think what I’ve come up with is BS.

Teams will be composed of 3-5 cyclists of a similar level. The goal of this event is not to be better than another team (since the best riders will be grouped in 1 or 2 teams), but to develop a team cohesion and push your group to its maximum.

Meeting at 8 a.m. at the Gates on Saturday October 18. Rain date will be Sunday. The teams will do between 3 and 5 laps (non-stop, of course), depending on the category. We may do this exercise twice if people are willing.[/b]

this is a very good idea. It would be nice to have several groups of 4 going since there are so many riders, and on my side i’ll try to get a little UdM team going for friendly rivalry. What do you think? 8)

génial! But no Martin Gilbert allowed :wink:

I’ll be still in Germany, but hey … maybe I should stay out of it anyways. Otherwise I’ll take down others with me. :oops:

what happened? I think I missed something

I’ll be there for sure !

I hit the deck in the just before the chicane when that truck was reversing around in front of me. Otherwise there would have been no way you caught me Mat!

… no, whom am I kidding!

But I guess in a TTT, that kind of thing can end much worse.

very muchly in for this round!

this time i will be sure to not catch a cold a few days before…

I’m in LA that weekend. But this sounds like I great idea. I wish I had done this last year.

Great idea Matt, I’m in for sure.

This is the Rain Date for the vermonster, but if the vermonster goes off properly this weekend, then I’m definitely down.

so volunteer= taking time, hold the participants and mark the path??
I want to help out, no racing for me though since I dont have a road bike…

volunteering will consist of: being at start line of the F1 track, telling teams when to start, taking down lap times of the different teams, and encouraging everyone.
Lambo, if you’re willing to do this, it would be great. Coordinating starts and having our times is a bonus, but is usually very appreciated!

then that sounds perfect to me…Im on board for the tripple T.

IM down, but Im not sure how fast I’ll be… Put me in a slow team.

any idea what the teams, etc are going to be yet?

so will the UdeM team be there too??

I can probably help out with this Mat if you still need volunteers

so Mat, everything is still the same?
saturday, 8am at roddick?