MEC Bikes

I just noticed that MEC has started to sell their own bikes.

Has anyone seen these bikes, or heard any reviews about them?

They are evil bikes, much to the ire of the bicycle industry:

That is 100% proof positive that they are doing something right. I hate middle men and there are very few “specialist” shops that genuinely offer the sort of expertise that justifies the mark ups. Those that do exist IMO have nothing to fear, especially since they offer a selection of equipment and support a significant cut above what MEC is offering.

All that being said I don’t even understand the fuss. Their bike pricing is not especially competitive - $1400 for a 105/Gossamer mix and a more or less generic “from Taiwan” frameset isn’t exactly remarkable. There are a whole slew of bikes from basically all of the big manufacturers that fall into that price range availlable at worthwhile lbs’s. If you prod around online you can get a full carbon frameset with a full higher tier groupset (like cough Neuvation with near dollar parity) in the same range.

Anything that stirs shit up gets brownie points in my books though :smiley:

This does not happen often, but on this one I agree with Jason.

Me too.

I’ve never understood the bike industry, with a couple major middlemen. I’ve looked at the shop-end Babac catalogue, and I can usually find parts mail order for at least a quarter less. Someone is just making too much money, and the bullshit with Race Face just shows that it’s strongarming which maintains status quo.