MEET 11:30!--Sun 15--road ride--int/adv

Once again, the weather forecast for Sunday seems to be good (10°, sun&clouds, even though it might change a couple of times since then).
I suggest we do something similar to last week, which is going to MacCampus, doing 2-3 laps of the maze and coming back by the same route. Last week, ride was around 110km: it will not be more this time.

Meet at the Gates at 11:30

Canceled if rain.

Why did nobody want to do these rides with me during the summer?? Now I am so out of shape that 75minutes of spinning put me to my limits! :?

I’d like to ride again but don’t want to slow you down. If there are enough people to split into a couple groups then great, otherwise I’ll just drop off the back and catch up with you at Mac Campus.

Also, I’ll probably skip the coffee stop and keep going.

see you there as long as it’s not raining :slight_smile:

Yea Ill skip coffee too

if it’s not 15-16° like last time, we won’t stop for coffee (maybe just a depanneur stop, if we need it)

May come, and will try not to slow ya down

sign up BenB!

Are you making all these november rides to culpabilate me mat?? :wink:
wow, a ride on every sunday for the last 4 weeks or so…
Have fun guys!

I am going to have to bail…
I found a way to race ontario cyclocross provincials (which is on Sunday)

Have fun guys

How will the pace be? I’d like to do this ride but don’t want to bonk/be off the back.

The ride can be seen as 5 segments:
a) Until we leave the Lachine Canal bike path in Lachine, we will be doing probably 32-35km/h.
b) On Lakeshore, from Lachine to Mac, pace will be a bit higher, say anything from 33 to 42-45 at some points, but we will set “waiting locations”
c) On MacCampus: free for all
d) e) On the way back: similar to getting to MacCampus, also factor in wind

I will have 2 friends coming, who are not in their best shape but are otherwise very good. It should be a great ride!
Turtle, I encourage you to come. IF you don’t feel top shape, just don’t take pulls at the front and anyway, you know the route so you can’t really get lost.

Come John, we’ll make an A rider out of you! And i saddly have been eating chips and so has my bike. It’s been so long i have no idea how it feels anymore :frowning: (yes i’m in trottier now, and i’ve been most of the day since 9am)

You should go john. Its fun. I cant make it, but Its not as bad as it seems. If its the same as last week… Just bring food.

7:45 am: the rain from yesterday hasn’t dried and Montreal is still foggy but the forecast still holds, the sun is supposed to come out around 9…


no objection.

No objection.

what’s the final decision?

11:30 is good

Meeting at the gates right?