Membership Payments

Hey guys,

Please follow the following instructions to pay your membership fees for this year. We kindly ask you make your payment on or before 15th October 2019 !! :

  1. Navigate to the following page

  2. Click on ‘McGill Community’ if you are a McGill student or have a McGill ID. Otherwise, click the register button on ‘General Community’ to register for an Athletics account.

  3. Once you have signed in, click on ‘Memberships/Courses’.

  4. Navigate to ‘Sports Clubs’ at the bottom of the page.

  5. Click 'View Programs.

  6. You should then see the option to pay for either the McGill Cycling Club - Club Fee and McGill Cycling Club - Team Membership.

As a reminder, the club fee allows you access to sponsorships, our rides, and winter training program. The team fee allows you to go on heavily subsidised training camps & racing, as well as a discounted fee on kit. You can always upgrade to a team membership from a club membership if you are unsure.


N.B. If you plan on going to Vermont and want to benefit from the subsidy, please make sure you pay your team fee by Wednesday!

When you sign in to pay for the membership in the athletics webpage, you will see in the description that the program duration finishes the 31st of December.
Please ignore that, keep in mind that the membership is valid until and during the summer of 2020 !

When you say we can upgrade to the team membership from the club membership, do we simply pay the difference in cost?

Why is the Club Membership $50 now?

Thanks for bringing this up. Due to a recent internal shuffle, our organizational structure within McGill has changed, and this has resulted in us losing some funding meant for student clubs.

As we are now a McGill Athletics competitive sports team, we are fully reliant on sponsorships and memberships to operate and make the club work, ultimately, for members.

The club membership is priced nominally higher than what it used to, and when put in the context of a comprehensive winter training program, it is definitely what I deem reasonable.

Team members also pay more now, but as most know, that is because the club gives back significantly more in dollar terms than what it takes from members.


I remember when I first joined the team, we were considered varsity and were featured on the McGill athletics website, invited to the banquet at the end of the year, etc. Is this the case again?

Not that I know of. For a team to technically be “varsity” by NCAA the school has to give scholarships for the sport (think that’s what Queens does to get their status). Would be nice if McGill gave us team bikes lol, someone send an email and suck up to the Cervélo owners since they alum.

I think part of the issue with keeping varsity status was that we needed to have coaches (who weren’t also members of the team), plus there were more restrictions with travelling to races (ex: driver couldn’t also be racing that weekend). And I don’t think there were any real tangible benefits, so we became a club. Former exec members feel free to correct me on this.

@PeteW you are right. We are now a ‘competitive sports team’, meaning we have to abide by McGill Athletics regulations and guidelines. Unfortunately, cycling is just not important enough for Athletics to merit it being a varsity sport. That also means they don’t deem as worthy of funding!

But that’s okay; we can manage with or without their help, and still be a great team!


we need an exec to slide into the DMs of Cervélo and Shimano NA, get some nice red R3 or R5 on Ultegra Di2

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Is there any timeline/idea for when the Adidas order comes in?

Hi, I’m interested to join the cycling club but I can see that you asked to pay before 15th of october, is it possible to register even though it’s the 28th of october? Thanks for your help!

Hi Nathaniel,

Glad your interested in joining the team! I believe it is still possible to register on the athletics web page as outlined above, but if you try and it’s not, let me know and I can contact McGill athletics to get you registered!

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