Milan-San Remo 2011

Saturday March 19 Earliest live video: 14:15 CET (9:15:00 AM EDT)

thanks for posting this!

We’ll see if Cavendish’s new bike makes a difference. His new McLaren Verge is an absolute cycling masterpiece!

I don’t know if it’s just me, and I usually like specialized bikes, but I find this one REALLY ugly. Anyone else ?
EDIT: and I actually prefer the paint job of the regular venge vs the mclaren one.

Haussler Haussler Haussler

i dont think i could agree more tommy

Haussler all the way.

haussler and gilbert on the podium.

CAvendish all the way

Cavendish all the way to the BACK on the poggio



amazing race

+1 on Gilbert.

That race was UNREAL

I know he didn’t figure on the podium, but home boy Rollin got 16th. Not Bad.