Monday 10am - volume & tan lines

Tomorrow i’m starting to build up volume again.

The map says 175km but i think it’s actually closer to 150-160km, not that it changes much, we’ll be equally tired.

We’ll have an unlimited amount of whey protein, and maybe some burgers halfway, then head back.

Steady pace, but no hammering (we’ll be doing that this afternoon!)

Hey nick, it this started at 11:30 I’d join in. Was planning on doing something similar tomorrow, but I have class in the morning until 11. Let me know!

Steady pace… Can an intermediate keep up?

sure let’s go at 11.30

steady pace means ~35km/h. If you can keep that up all day drafting from us, no prob.

see you at the gates at 11:30 nick

beware though, i might do nasty things to you :

Who knew you were such a bad person Nick. Congratulations, by the way.

Man that is absolute garbage. Fantastic ride today, see you tomorrow.

As if, such a crybaby. He initiated the break and you spotted him. That is amazing Nic, keep it up and you’ll kill it at Lachine!

dont know about you dennis but i got some serious burn lines today!

sunscreened 10minutes before I left! Lines are looking fierce!