Monday 20/09 night Ride 5pm: climbs or Flat?

5pm Meeting at the gates.
McGill Gates are the meeting point.

Pace is uncertain…
Will depend from who shows up
(most probably Intermediate to Advanced)
I.E. Advanced riders will not be busting their balls, but Intermediates may be close to Limit at some points.

-Flat is F1 Circuit or Estacade blast.
-Hills is Mount pleasant and the steep hills (bellevue, Clark) around mount pleasant…

Please sign Up, so I know in advance who is coming.

i am also offended.
i like F1 though. wait i have class, but maybe i’ll skip and show up.

I think I will be able to make it. Any chance we could do the F1 circuit as Iv’e never been there yet.

i find it offensive that you only post advanced rides, stephen.

Stephen, if you want people to sign up, you can edit your posting and ‘enable’ the sign up box. Cheers, charles

You wouldn’t want me to lead a beginner ride nybom

I would like to go to and hopefully I can keep up with the pace… I like F1 circuit too… this way you can have different categories and wait for others after a certain number of laps…

If you’re going to the F1 track, I’m in.

Seen as many people want to go to the F1. F1 it is. And Alex you should be able to keep up.

Anyway someone could bring an allenkey set? I got mine but Im missing the size I need. Want to drop my bars a rung or two.

I’ll be there. Sorry Josef - I’ll biring what I have, but I only have the really standard sizes.

i might meet you out there later but cant make 5

K thanks.

SWEET! i got laid off from work so ill be there at 5 :slight_smile:

Way to see the brighter side, Nybom.

Might join in if it’s F1

It would be my coming back from injury ride Yay!

Plus UdeM will ride the F1 track today too.

Thanks For showing up… really sorry for It Not being as fast as Posted.