Monday 2pm

Going out riding at a steady intermediate pace for a few hours or so.
Leaving from gates.
Post if you want to come along, or post if you want to meet up somewhere (F1, estacade, atwater bridge, bottom of houde…) at 3 or 4 or anytime in between.

note: weather dependant

20 degrees and sunny, and no one wants to come ride about?

Of course, but working.

I’ll be at the CGV at about 3pm for at least an hour. If you want to meet there, that’ll be great, but I plan to do 15/15 intervals. It won’t be a steady pace for me :wink:


I’ll go if you promise not to drop me

Where are you riding? I have to get back at around 5pm.
So warm outside. mmm warmitude

Not headed out after all.

oh I see how it is : P

I’m going to be at the track this afternoon. pace may vary, however I don’t really have the legs to be going hard

Screw it, I’m still going. Track time it is!!!