Monday Evening Women's Ride: May 28th

Almost the same deal as last week. Ride leaves from Cycle Néron en route at 6:00pm.

All levels welcome as long as you are comfortable riding in traffic and do not get distracted by shiny apples.

Atalanta, a speedy Arcadian princess … look it up yourself.

quoi? lol

i actually googled all words that didnt make any sense…and im still lost

Atlanta, la fille de Schoenée, qui souhaitant la marier. Elle ne voulut prendre pour époux que celui qui pourrait la battre à la course. Beaucoup de jeunes hommes ont été mis à mort jusqu’à ce que présente Mélanion (ou Hippomène). Avec l’aid d’Aphrodite, et trois pommes d’or, il l’a battue.

Atalanta from Greek Mythology.

She was a great Arkadian huntress and a favourite of the goddess Artemis.

Atalanta was reunited with her father Skhoineus (or Iasios), who insisted that she be wed. She agreed, but on condition that the suitors must defeat her in a race, and that the losers should be put to death. Hippomenes or Melanion, however, sought the help of the goddess Aphrodite who presented him with three golden apples to cast before the girl in the race. When Atalanta stooped to retrieve these, she was slowed enough to allow the hero to emerge victorious. Their marriage was a short-lived one, for Hippomenes neglected to pay Aphrodite her dues, and was cursed to lay with Atalanta in the sacred precinct of Zeus, Rhea or Artemis where the pair were transformed into lions.

Hence, any of the ladies out for this ride should not slow down if they see any shiny apples. Shouldn’t be a problem since this is a ladies only ride - apparently no suitors are allowed on this ride.

Well that is awfully heteronormative of you!

Wooooaaahhh…ok well thats a pretty cool story… haha…where do you learn all these things…thats the education you got in Ontario? we should stop protest and start to learn stuff…hahaa but are we doing hills on monday at the end? since you want to do some tomorrow?

That is the plan. Monday evening is going to be short and sweet though.

Golden apples are tempting but I think I’ll keep my eyes on the traffic on a Monday night haha. Yayy! I’m excited to not be working for once!

Hey ladies,

I wish I could come but I have class evenings during the week.

I am looking for people to ride with mornings during the week. Right now my schedule is pretty flexible. If you are interested, call/text me 514 224 3754. I am available starting this week.

Have a great ride tomorrow!