Monday morn. ride

Anyone up for a ride tomorrow morning? I’ll be riding around 8:30 or 9 till 12 if anyone is interested post here i’ll check in the morning. probably st bruno st hilaire or the like.

I’m in.

8:30 or 9? Earlier is better for me, but up to you.


Randall, be ready for a brutally constant pace. Know your way back, Uncle Nick rarely slows down.
If you know your way back and don’t mind pushing yourself, this will be good for you.

i’ll try to make it. i have to bike from the west-island so the earlier you can give an exact time and place to meet the better. it takes a bit under an hour for me to get to the gates…

Ah thanks Mat… I think I’ll back out then. Thanks anyway!

What do you mean you’re backing out. look mat makes me sound like some kind of an animal but i’m not that bad. If you race or think you can improve then this is a good ride for you. I don’t expect much, you don’t have to take a turn at the front. just sit on my wheel the whole time, and if you feel up to it in the last hour then you can go to the front. can you guys make the middle of the jacques cartier bridge at 8:30

Is this going to leave me too wiped for Lachine?
I’ll come out anyway and pull the plug early if it gets too hot.
8:30 at the atwater bridge?

ok… Jacques Cartier bridge, I’ll be there

ok this isn’t a major hammerfest.

I’m tempted, but have to be home by 11am
Anyway this can happen?

well you could come for part of the ride maybe to st bruno then you could come back by chambly
and the bike path it takes 1 hr 15 from chambly to mtl

Cool. I’ll come. Is the middle of the bridge where you would turn off for the F1?

Nick, could you make it 8 or 8:15 to 11 and consider Brandon and me will be taking some pulls?

i guess i could make it 8:15,
you guys are serious early birds.
its 3 hrs to st bruno st hilaire.
i think its 90 km
yes randall that’s where it is

my meeting was made earlier: 11, not 11:30. I’ll try my best to come and Nick, you’ll probably give me a shortcut route to get back home earlier :slight_smile:

how’d it go? my bus got in from toronto at 7am. i shoulda checked the forum when i got in

From my perspective, it was pretty fucking epic. Door to door it was a little over 100 k.

Uncle Nick was nothing but a positive minded, encouraging, supportive and patient riding partner. Always ready to provide a tip, or a gentle helping hand up a hill. Mat was 100% wrong.

(uncle Nick is making me say this. Otherwise he will find me in the night and make me ride until my legs fall off…which shouldn’t take much more effort.

… Jokes.
But seriously, thanks for kicking my ass and keeping me in it even when I was toast. It was awesome. And to all others in attendence as well, Brandon and ChillyWilly (Phil?) , thanks for the patience and the good ride.

Ran - sleeping with the legs elevated tonight.

glad to hear it was epic 8)