Monday Morning 8:30 - Intermediate

I’m planning on doing around a 2 hour ride tomorrow morning with some intervals to get me good and tired before I move. Would love some company. I was thinking F1/Escatade.

ill be there might be 5 minutes late

ok ok i should be there, but if i am not don’t wait on to me, I might still be in bed …

Yes, meeting at gates. So happy you’re coming Grace! And Sam, the overall pace won’t be too fast just gonna push hard on some intervals, but we’ll go to the track so it’s not like you’ll get lost or anything.

PS I’ll need to peace out early, just so you know.

how fast would it be ?

I like this idea

Meeting at gates?

yo guys I literally just woke up… not sure how that happened… I’ll try to catch you at the track!