Monday Morning Beginner Ride

I forgot to post it earlier, but assume that if I do not in the future it is still happening unless it is raining.

Meet at the Gates and leave at 7am, go to the F1 track and just paceline to be back to the gates at 9 am.

The ride will stay less than 30 kph.

See you there.


I might or might not make it. If not, I’ll come to the track at 9 and ride there for an hour.

I woosying out on this one because the outdoor club did an 140 km trek this weekend and i deffinately won’t be keeping up tomorrow after that. But see you next week for sure!

I’ll be at the track at 9h. This one is too early for me…

I’ve got four alarms set on two different phones. I semi-quasi-moderately-gaurentee that I will be there.


See you in 5.5 hours.