Monday Morning Beginner Ride

Figuring I’d get off the first organized team ride in Montreal.

Roddick gates 7am. I was figuring we’d go roaming in some scenic neighbourhoods to the east that I know of. Should last about an hour.
Pace will be nice and easy so dress warmly to keep the heat in.

7am! if i wake up, i’ll come

sooo don’t think i can get up for 7 tomorrow. But i think i can manage 8 or even 9. Dont have class till 11:30. Anyone want to ride with me then?

Would ride tomorrow but i still don’t know about the knee. I will be at the pool tomorrow morning probably

Hello there, i just move to montreal and im looking to meet people for bicycle rides, is this forum open to everybody or just Mcgill students?
I would like to join the beginners, thank and have a good day.

I’ve got a busy day today and will have to go out early sorry Jessica.
I’ll be at the Roddick gates for 7.
@Gman your more then welcome to show up for riding.

But the road salt!