Monday Morning Beginner Ride

Same drill as always. Meet at the gates at 7, we will be back in time for 9:30 classes. Might be a cold morning so dress warm! Not going to go if raining. Also this is a good time for people to bring me cheques for their clothing!

Do you call “less than 1mm” as raining?
Anyway, whatever the condition I will be there…

I will post in the morning at around 6:30 if it is too wet for me or not

That’s what she said

Anyone have some chain lube they could bring on this ride? I keep meaning to pick some up but always forget until the shops are closed.

lube/grease/oil/whatever you want to call it

got no excuses!

Thanks for the inaugural ride this morning, guys. Had a blast, flat tire and all. Then again, I can’t really complain; Zach, hope you and your bike are all good.