Monday Morning-Beginnerish

Same thing as the last couple weeks:
Monday morning 7:15 at the Roddick gates
1.5 hour ride, back at roddick gates at 8:45, in time to make 9:30 classes.

Working on keeping a constant your pace in a paceline, closing gaps and maybe some other stuff, people dependent.

if it ends up being just us I can meet you at the track

sounds good, i’m hoping a couple more people will come?

I’m always down for the F1 track

my alarm mysteriously turned itself off
sorry drew :frowning:

Missed a great ride. Team TT and sprints.

new format next week… this will be the most exciting thing to come out of mcgill cycling since KOM.


Could we make it an hour earlier so that people with 8:30 classes can make it.