Monday Morning Repentence (10am jog in the park)

Cleanse from a weekend of debauchery.

Meet at the base of the George-Étienne Cartier Monument at Parc Mont-Royal.

I have no metric for how good I am at running so lets say this is an intermediate event. Generally speaking, though, I am perpetually in the chill-zone so I would be willing to go slow.

If you don’t know me (and you should come!) I’ll have white Oakley Radars with Fire-Iridium lenses


I Have to run, I may do bonus… I have green Radars
P.s. why are you not posting a ride?

Double also, I realize the irony that if you’re a prospective new member that your first group event on a bike team will be a run

My first event was a run with Mat BR in January. We ran stairs.

Because normal people run

“normal people”

yeah, it was -10, you were wearing shorts!
and you crashed on the ice, it would have been a day for studded soles

People should do this, eat a quick lunch, and ride to Mac with me. And then go to the pool and…

You see, the problem with running is, it totally sucks.

i kind of agree. not so bad if you are in the woods tho

I can collect membership fees too

(not a joke)