Monday ride beginning/intermediate 9ish

Going to do a long ride tomorrow riding by the gates around 9 (but negotiable). Route TBD but thinking about something up to laval. My goal is 200k, but it’s just goal. Anyone who wants to join for for all or just part is welcome…

I really want to go on a shorter ride tomorrow morning. 2hrs from 8-10 am. Does that work if I want to join you?

I’m in for a shorter ride as well. Will probably turn off some point along the way.

k well i’ll plan to be at the gates at 8am. I can do later but then I will have to turn off earlier - 1030 class :frowning:
I’ll check the forum again in the morning.

Will do my best to wake up for 8.

I wish I did more studying this weekend. Have fun guys :frowning:

Should work Hannah. I’ll try my best to be on time…all of this weather permitting of course!

I was going to suggest the Riguad Ride but you said you wanted to reach Laval eventually :stuck_out_tongue:

I won’t be able to do anything with big hills.

Will actually swing by at 9. If this works for everyone great, hopefully not too late notice.

ok 9 is good.