Monday Ride to rougement 12:30 pm intermediate/advanced 5 hours

I’m riding to rougemont and back tomorrow, leaving downtown at 12:30pm, aiming for about 5 hours of ride time. The pace will not be very fast, figure 25-27 km/h average for most of it, but it will be a long ride. So intermediate pace, but advanced saddle time?

Meet at the Roddick gates at 12:30 pm unless otherwise noted. check back tomorrow morning in case I update the thread.

Just heard through the grape vine that the ride time has changed to 1:00pm in case anyone is shooting for 12:30

i really want to bike some place other than F1 or the mountain! but i have a lab at 2:35pm. can you leave earlier like 9:45am?

No, sorry, I’ve got stuff I need to get done in the morning.