Monthly 10km Time Trial starting Wednesday 21 September 17:30

hello all,

I’m organizing a new event to justify my latest acquisition.

One of the most fun events i took part in during my time abroad was a monthly ITT of 10km. At that university, the event had been held for 37 years. Whoever held the best time of the event would get free beer paid for by the others at the local bar afterwards. Whoever held the best time of the season would receive € 100. Whoever broke the all-time record would get € 500 (tho this hadn’t happened in the past decade i think). McGill could of course replace those rules with bragging rights, or simply have the record-holder be paid free beer at Benelux whenever an event is held there, until he is beaten, etc.

This could be a nice friendly inter-university event - although probably UQAM will kick everyone’s ass…

This event should be for everyone, because the nice thing about doing a regular ITT is being able to chart your progress (or regression) over time. And for the beginners, it’s a nice way of learning to pace and surpass yourself.

Stage races (including many ECCC events) are often won with the time trial.

This event will be held on the canal, 5km out and back. Buses should stop circulating at 18:00, so by the time we start we should be ok.

Please sign up if interested so i can figure out organization.

You mean seaway?
I pledge for a non aero gear rule :wink:
Seriously, a good idea, interested!

I would participate if I didn’t have class from 4 to 5h30 every wednesday :S

I am in the exact same boat as Jocelyn, excellent idea though.

If this happens, it’s important that no TT bikes or accessories such as TT helmets be allowed. Period. No exceptions ever.

me it depends on my wonderful schedule, but i’ll try

class until 8:15. too bad

I’d love to do it, i fortunately ( or unfortunately) have most of my classes in the morning so I could totally make it one wednesday a month for this.

please re-read my first sentence just after the “hello all”…

UdeM is buying a couple sets of TT bars and helmets with some cash we recently received hence the original idea : PRACTICE IN THAT POSITION.

Eddy Merckx once said that nothing in life is fair, but let those who have the equipment use it, and the others pedal harder.

p.s. if you come by at say 6.15 - 6.30 you will prob still get a spot on the starter’s list; Your warm up will be the hurry to get there.


I think a fair compromise is that people without aero equipment get an asterisk next to their name. That way it adds to the competitive nature (i.e. if I’m wearing this helmet I cannot be slower than that guy)

Other ideas?

ummm… I read Scott’s comment as a joke. Does anybody actually care about whether aero equipment is allowed? I’m doing it just to race against myself really.

I don’t care either Eric. I just want everybody to come out and dig deep for 10k.

I was just joking because i recently sold Nick my TT bike and aero helmet.

Sounds like fun… We need an official timekeeper

Due to inflation the amount of greenback should be increased. I think the prize money should be second semester Tuition:)

due to the amount of greenback being increased, there should be inflation.

the meeting spot is at the roddick gates on the corner of Sherbrooke and McGill College. We LEAVE from there at 5:30

Can someone specific (with a google map) where it is we’re meeting?