Montreal Bike Show
Its from Feb 15th to 17th.

Has anybody ever been? Is it worth going? Does anybody want to go?

Its like 9$ for entrance

I’d consider going if people were going

i have tremendous shame in admitting that i want to go… i’m free that weekend so lets do it

I went last year; it’s not nearly as impressive as the Toronto show. That said I’ll still be going on the Friday to try and snag some cheap gear.

i can go friday after 230

Friday would be kind of tight for me. How about sat anybody?

I unfortunately can’t swing Saturday or Sunday. Is it possible to add a sign-up for each day to the thread? Might be worth it.

I’ll be heading out today around 2:30 from my place (Clark and Duluth). If anyone wants to meet along the way, post up and we can head over as a group.