Montreal Ice Race

For those unable to attend Rutgers:

Saturday, March 6, 2010
12:00pm - 6:00pm
corner St. Antoine and St. Ferdinand
Ice race will be happening. Even if the weather is warm, bring your back up cyclocross tires. This race is happening!

registration at noon

We have sponsors, prizes, warm drinks, and fun!

The grill bike will be there so bring things to Bar–B-Que. The IGA is just ardound the corner so you can go buy some hamburgers and party!

There will be races/prizes for Studded tires (single and geared)

and for the totally awesome: Rubber Tire class, no studs allowed.

So far the sponsors are:

Belleville Cycle Coop
Revolution Bikurious
Cycle Technique
Mountain Equipment Co-op
LMNO Cycles
Jabali Bags
La Bicycletterie JR
Saving Grace Tattoo in NDG!

If anyone would like to borrow a pair of CX tires for the race, I have some Michelin Mud2’s I hopefully won’t be needing at Rutgers

if someone would like to borrow studded mtn bike tires i have a pair that i could lend

This was a blast last year. They really should call it the muddy grass race this year though =P

I’m not sure if I’m going to do it this year, if not someone can also borrow my 700x23c studded tires.

Hey Seb, it was last Sunday (March 6th)