Montreal to Val d'Or, weekend of Aug 27

I have to get up North to Val d’Or for Aug 29 and was toying with the idea of riding up there. It wouldn’t hurt to have someone alongside. I figured this would be the first place to look for company!

The ride is just over 500km (3 days) but can be shortened to just under 400km (2 days) if I/we drive to Tremblant first (I can easily arrange that). I’ll supply all the equipment: tent, stove, etc. You just bring a functioning touring bike and some songs to sing.

We can leave either Friday or Saturday and you’ll have a place to stay in Val d’Or once we’re there. As far as returning to Montreal, I’ll happily chip in for a bus ticket for ya. I’ll be staying up there for a while though. This promises to be a very scenic and interesting few days! Easy riding, good food. Anyone interested?

I’m interested! My summer position ends Friday 26 (I might be able to make it Thursday) and I love touring. I need some advice from an experienced racer though. The first race of the Green Mountain Stage Race is on the 2nd of September. If I ride 500km (touring pace) and take 2 or 3 rest days after, is that enough time to be fresh for racing or does it sort of ruin the whole idea of tapering?


As far as tapering… that’s not much of a taper. To be honest, I have no idea. We will not be riding hard at all so you shouldn’t be wasted by the end of the trip, but spending 6-8 hours on a bike for 3 days - regardless of pace - will probably take a bit of a toll on your legs and overall energy level. It depends. If you recover fast enough then after a couple days off you should be able to get some returns in terms of long mileage and aerobic capacity.

Anyone else care to weight in? This is all guesswork for me.

As far as logistics, I’ve decided to leave super early Friday morning and drive up to Ste-Agathe, then take 3 days (roughly 150km/day) to get there. First day on the petit train du nord to Mont Laurier, which should be beautiful.

Let me know if you can do this Adrien!

I believe that if you are used to that length of ride, if you don’t sprint for any town lines and eat the whole time it will only be fun and not take anything out of you for the races.

The only thing is the sleep. If you only sleep 3 hours a night because of being in a tent that will will hurt more than the distance.

If you perceive it as being a drain it will be. If you believe it to be good, then that will be true.

I think we can also manage to sleep in hostels for the 2 nights if we so choose. That should help things.

I’ve sent an email to my supervisor to get Friday off. If that works, what I can do is sleep at my parents Thursday night (they live pretty close to Ste Agathe) and meet you there Friday morning. I prefer camping unless there’s rain. I know the Petit Train du Nord is awesome (my parents live at km 21 and I used to ride on it every day to get to work) but I was wondering what road we would take after Mont Laurier.

So I’ll get back to you when I hear from my supervisor (latest by tomorrow). I hope I can join you on this, I’ve done quite a bit of riding this summer but I was really missing touring! I guess worst case, I’ll be doing provinciales next weekend.

Could I join as well?
Looks very tempting but, I have no camping gear and I would ride on my race bike (bombproof wheels/some wider tyres) with a rucksack so I would not be able to take some of your gear on board.
Thus I would need a spot in someones tent + a sleeping mat (and carried for me)

realizing this is going to cost me some beers of course

Jeroen - unfortunately I only have a 2-man tent so if Adrien is able to come (he volunteered first) then you won’t have anywhere to sleep! In case Adrien doesn’t come, are you able to carry your sleeping bag, the rest of your gear (clothing, spare tubes, etc.) and a bit of food? My paniers aren’t huge and I don’t know if I can fit much more than my gear… But I’m sure we can figure something out if need be

Adrien - sounds good, let me know when you find out. We can easily meet up there! I don’t think we’ll have any choice other than taking the 117 from Mont-Laurier to Val d’Or. It’s a straight shot so it shouldn’t be too tough to stay on the right track.

I’m a go! Got the ok for Friday and the paniers fitted. I have your number so I will call you for final details before Thursday, for example whether or not I should get a bus ticket before leaving or at the bus station in val d’or.

@Jeroen: I have two paniers on my bike. I can call home and ask if we have a small tent and second sleeping bag that would fit.

Amazing! Let’s talk Wednesday just to make sure we’re on the same page.

I feel like getting a bus ticket before leaving would be best but I can’t say for sure. Maheux is the bus line that does Mtl-Val d’Or:

Let us know if you can get that tent so that Jeroen can come!

yes still interested in this, keep us posted

So there are a couple options:
-We stay at a hostel in Mont Laurier (shouldn’t be too hard to find) and in one of these for the second night. That way we wouldn’t have to carry sleeping bags or tents. It shouldn’t be too expensive split 3 ways.
-I somehow forgot that that my dad has a bike trailer that could probably fit all of my stuff plus Jeroen’s. It’s just a little more work than the first option.

Well turns out the hekipa tents are all reserved for the weekend and the cabins have to be reserved for at least 2 nights.

yep there are only two of those hekipa things there
The trailer is an excellent idea. I could pull it with my road bike as well.

John has one a trailer too, it’s really the best option for touring on a road bike. you should email him.

I had borrowed the trailer back then. I might be able to borrow it again if you guys need one though.

we’re good! thanks guys and have fun at provincials